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Full Version: Mystery package
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I received a package this weekend and I'm not sure who it's from. Who ever sent it, Thanks!

It contained a bunch of Saints cards with Brees, Vilma, and Smith. Huge thanks! Very cool of you!

I was at the Saints game Friday and the defense dominated the 49ers! The D was led by Vilma and Smith! It was nice to come home to a package of Saints! Who Dat!
Found out who it was!

Shoutout to jdetter23! Thanks a ton bro!
nice job jdetter Smile
no problem man, glad u liked them!
Way to be cool !!
Kudos to jdetter! nice saint love for gangstippie,cool!
WTG, jdetter! I'm sure you don't want any Saints cards anyway. Big Grin
Gang...glad I could help you figure out who sent them.
Nice! WTG jdjetter!
Cool move jdetter-
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