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I found two boxes in my basement of 1991 Upper Deck. One high series and one low series. Not opened yet. Must have been left over from my dad...anyways. I had hopes of pulling a namath and/or montana auto. No luckSad

Just wondering if anyone would tell me what other good cards are in this set other than Brett Favre Rookies.

I'm not a football collector. Baseball as you can seeSmile

Any replies would be appreciatedSmile
There's not much. All of the Heroes cards, especially the header cards, then the RCs, including Favre and Ricky Watters.

The true find of these boxes is the connection to your father.
Check the holograms on the back of the cards.
There a re 3 versions.
A) The rarest version, found only in Series 1.... has Upper Deck written over and over. If you move the card around you could see '90'.... the Favre RC of this variation brings $100+
B) Most common in series 1 rare in series 2... Has the words Upper Deck written over and over. If you move the card around, you can see a '91'
C) Most common in series 2, rare in series 1.... the old diamond upper deck logo is in the hologram.
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