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Full Version: Singles or Ripping
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I love ripping boxes and cases because you never know what you are going to get. But more and more i often now days do you actually get the value out of most boxes.

I like doing both. But is it smarter to just buy singles?
Depends, if you are wanting certain cards or players singles are a easier and cheaper way to get what you need/want. That being said let's be honest we all love to bust some boxes every now and then plus it general helps the trade bait which makes it easier to trade for the player or cards you want
I buy a lot of singles of the players that I want...but I also love ripping boxes. Always a surprise what you're going to get, though I haven't had the same luck as some of the guys here. Still fun though.
I buy/trade singles... imho boxes are a serious waste of money... but that's me... I can get a ton of sweet cards for the price of some of the boxes these days...
I really prefer singles, even buying singles to trade works
instead of buying boxes or singles, i buy large collections

1. it's the cheapest of the 3 options, and allows me to make a living
2. any worth less than a dollar i can give to the jimmy fund
3. anything i want for my own collection i can keep

buying large collections still gives me the thrill of the mystery, like you get with a box, but the value of buying singles (even moreso)
One word.... SINGLES.

I used to open TONS of packs & boxes but like you stated, never really got my moneys worth. And most of the time, I never even pulled pc cards. Buying packs/boxes is great if you want trade bait, put sets together, or jus like playing the odds, but if your looking for something specific... buy singles. When buying singles, you can get SPECIFICALLY what you want. I personally find buying singles is much more satisfying that rolling the dice with packs & boxes. But if ur looking for that thrill or gamble, then bust away. It all comes down to personal preferance.
Not sure if it was here or another forum, but I mentioned after buying a "box" of 09 Topps Triple Threads, I think I'm done buying boxes - at least on the high end side.

I still will buy the lower-mid range priced boxes to feed the beast (and give my lady some fun). But yeah as far as high end goes, I'm just buying the singles I want.
I buy a good many singles to fill my PC needs but to soothe my ripping addiction I buy a box now and then. I never buy a box in hopes of pulling a PC card. A good balance of both is nice Smile
I buy singles. I am a player collector and it just comes out easier and cheaper for me to go this route. I used to buy boxes but with just about everyone using sv now it made buying boxes useless. None of the stuff I pulled was worth anything to them.
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