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I added it o my org, pretty nice, large selection, lke this much more than the darned Ultimate, but I added that also. too many cards to list here, but check the org. and look at 2011 Artifacts, Ultimate and Luxury Suite. its all there. P.S. I am back fom my business trip and can do a few more trades next week. Brian
some nice pulls, if i look at your org correctly congrats
Nice stuff congrats
Thanks, I just added it to my photobucket and reposted with some of the names.
what is the Derek Roy out of?

some of the cards look pretty nice
Some very nice cards there! Check my bucket for something for the Ebbett auto?
the derek roy swatches is numbered 13 of 25 very nice part of the logo many colors and stitchings, yellow, black, blue and silver with white also in the silver, cool.

the ebbett auto isn/t he now a coyote? I am a coyote fanatic you know.

oh, forgot about the 3 rookie redemption cards, they will come in, but they are #211 Alexander Vasyunov, #224 Kyle Palmieri and #207 Nick Leddy
Nice breaks! I would be interested in the Richards/Carter/Giroux trio. You may have cleaned me out of your wants the last time we traded though...
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