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I haven't seen a lot of them and would like to see some of them.
I have psa 10's but no beckett ones cuz they dont like me lol jk
How about 9.5? I have ton of 9.5 in my highend,pc section of bucket.
I have a few that most people have already seen, but I'll post them again for any new members.

2004 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Rookies #130
[Image: eliultimaterc.jpg]

2004 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures #USEM
[Image: IMG-20110414-00193.jpg]

1977 Topps Harry Carson Rookie Card #146
This wouldn't be a 10 w/ BGS
[Image: IMG-20110410-00138.jpg]

1993 Pro Set #313 Michael Strahan Rookie Card PSA 10
[Image: IMG-20110410-00139.jpg]

2006 Fleer #358 Giant Team Card PSA 10
[Image: IMG-20110410-00148.jpg]
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