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Full Version: 3 Packs of Ultimate
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So far first box a bust for me:

[Image: 2011-08-12203301.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12203432.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12203359.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12203327.jpg]
2nd pack probably worse than the first...

[Image: 2011-08-12204359.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12204444.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12204505.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12204316.jpg]
3rd pack wayyy better

[Image: 2011-08-12205053.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12205149.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12205229.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-12205249.jpg]

All cards in 3 packs are for trade
Check me for the Tangradi please!
some nice hits congrats
No patch in 3 box Sad
Nice breaks congrats
wouldnt mind a shot at the lindback
Not bad. Ultimate seems to be 80% miss, 20% Big hit +/- 10% depending on whether you collect a specific player/team.
I didn't hit, when I opened 1 pack, not worth the gamble to me. My cards are only worth 48 bucks and I spent over 100 on the pack. crazy. normally you get over what you pay for a box or pack.
Interested in the Ray Bourque.
dont forget that lindback is gone fact your grabner is probably half way to ur house now! haha
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