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First gotta say thanks to Ron for putting this all together. Wifey finally had a chance to get these all scanned so here they are first to worst.

[Image: TysonJackson1of10front001.jpg]
[Image: TysonJackson1of1front001.jpg]
[Image: EricBerryfront.jpg]
[Image: EricBerryfront001.jpg]
[Image: JustinHoustonfront.jpg]
[Image: JustinHouston19of49front.jpg]
[Image: TysonJackson5of10front001.jpg]
[Image: EricBerry20of99front001.jpg]
[Image: EricBerry19of25front001.jpg]
[Image: TysonJaskson1of1front.jpg]

All the autos graded at 10. Thanks for looking and thanks again Ron can't wait till the next round.
great submission, lots of 9.5s you gotta be happy with that!
Your welcome Pal. You really did do well. Good eye....
Congrats on the sweet grades Lump Smile
Alot of gem mints there buddy! Kinda shocked to see those 7's though. Thought those would be at least an 8, but the 9.5's are great and alot of them! Smile
Thanks all wifey done the inspecting and the 7's well won't go into all that again but they werent 7's before they got to grading they were more like 9's but oh well no way to change that now
Never been big on graded cards but I think I'm gonna try a couple just to see how it goes. Can't hurt to try.
How is it you get 3 9s+ and one 7 and they give you a 7.5???? CAn someone explain the grading system to me?
Very nice man!! Those are some sweet looking cards!
You did really well, except for the fact that you NT got *****'d up
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