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Full Version: 2 boxes ITG Decades
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First time was better

First box was excellent
GU Quad Messier/Bourque/Howe/Langway (Gold /10)
GU Anders Hedberg Patch 2 colors with seam (Gold /10)
GU Rick Vaive (Black)
AUTOS Dale Hunter Dale Hawerchuk, Willi Plett

Second box was so-so
GU Neal Broten Patch 2 colors with seam (Silver /30)
GU Ron Hextall (Black)
GU Steve Payne (Black)
AUTOS Guy Carbonneau, John Harrington USA, Dave Babych
Also got a Lemieux 100 Years.
I am interested in the Harrington Auto.
those gold cards are solid!!! congrats

i am waiting for my decades box to show up, so i can tell you what i got
I've posted scans on my website. i really love this set!
@mq13: i sent you a pm.
@bonnev659 lmk when you'll get it, we could trade some.
Sweet break they are nice looking cards
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