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Full Version: Make Ready?
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I was searching through some cards at the National and I found this

[Image: Snapshot_20110812.jpg]

A Ryan Clady Make Ready Cyan Card /50

Back Quote: A make ready is one of the first printed sheets to come off a press. It's used to adjust colors and registration. 4-color cards are a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Once all of those colors are combined you get the color combinations you see on printed products.

Kinda Cool, anybody ever see these before?
Yeah there pretty common in press pass, have been in there for a few years
I have one in my Ray Rice PC. Love the card Smile
Ok, Theyre pretty cool, I must admit.
Sage makes them too. I have all four colors of one of my pc guys. I like em.
Yeah, that one is a H-I-T
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