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Since I got back into collecting and becoming active here on Beckett, I visit the PO a good bit. Well I live in a small town and the PO lady and I have become friends. I tell her about my trades on Beckett and she thinks its cool. Well about a month ago she said I have something for you. So today I go there to mail out my August freebie packages (**hint hint**) I say hi and she takes off out the back door. My daughter was with me and she says I guess she's not in the mood to talk, LOL Smile When all of a sudden she comes in and hands me these....

[Image: DSC03466.jpg]

**1 Opened and 1 Unopened 90-91 Pro Set Super Bowl Commerative set**

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. I said "What do I owe you?" She said nothing just enjoy them. HOW COOL Big Grin She is simply the best!!!

Comments welcome and thanks for looking -T-
That is way cool.
That is awesome. Congrats. There are good people in the world and she is one of them.
Awesome! I live in a small town as well and have come to know the postal workers here very well. Can't say they have ever given me any freebies though. Congrats!
WHOOT WHOOT ..FREEBIES!! that was really nice of her. Did she say where she got them?
Thanks guys for the great comments. I'm gonna show her this thread Smile

(08-12-2011 03:23 PM)eazy e Wrote: [ -> ]WHOOT WHOOT ..FREEBIES!! that was really nice of her. Did she say where she got them?

Yea, she was having a yard sale with a friend/family member and they had them for sale and she picked them up for me Smile
That's awesome! Congratz
I wish I knew someone that cool. I NEVER GET ANYTHING FREE LOL!!!!!
I remember those. I still have a bunch of cards from the set. That is way cool of her to give you those. You deserve them anyway, T. Wink
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