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Please check my photo bucket for them, I photographed all of the hits. I also have the base for trade, just ask.
No trade for less than $25.
As there is no pricing, we have to go by SV for now.
what, no Newtons? not bad. I do like the look of them.Nice hits with the Murray and Miller. Check me for the Murray.
Those are sweet looking cards. You did pretty good.
not too bad. this stuff is like year's past Ultimate collection, just more hits.

I like the Powell auto and the Randall Cobb jumbo jersey. Lemme know if you wanna get rid of me
Completely unrelated to Inception, but what brand is that Randall Cobb topps card from? It looks retro-ish and kinda cool.
That Cobb is from the 2011 Topps set. If you buy a blaster box, you get a 1 extra card thats a manufactured end zone icons patch. They're pretty cool and look nifty in person
thanks, I may have to work against my urges to buy blasters.
I am interested in all the base and parallels.
I am interested in any Steelers base you might have.
Would like any dolphin base or ducks rookies you might have.
Also like the freeman patch thats under the inception cards Smile
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