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Hi. Bought a pack of 2010 Bowman Sterling today and pulled another Strasburg base auto redemption! Its my second one that I've pulled so I'd be willing to sell or possibly trade it if anyones interested. Let me know, thanks.
Interested check my trade list or bucket..seanp167
check me for it
Please check me for the Stras. Thanks
Check me for it
Thanks for the interest everyone. @ Lottyseanp1 and rascrush, sorry but I could not find anything that I was interested in. @ Spitjean and Iamralpho you both have cards I would be very interested in however there is someone else that sent a PM first that also has cards that I'm interested in so I will give him the first shot and then work in order of your replies. Thanks again!
please check me i need one
sent you a pm
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