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Mailday 8/8/11

[Image: IMG_0001-12.jpg]
Working on Sproeles now that he's a Saint

[Image: IMG_0002-13.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0003-10.jpg]
Finally a Terrell Davis autograph

[Image: IMG_0004-7.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0005-6.jpg]
Also my first Dempsey autograph

[Image: IMG_0006-3.jpg]
Here's the cool new addition: A 1996 Topps Laser Jim Everett Stadium Stars, along with a printer's proof of the card. This is one side...

[Image: IMG_0007-4.jpg]
...and the other

Just wanted to show my nice pack pull this week, from a retail Topps Baseball, but I know you'll like it as well...
[Image: IMG_0008-7.jpg]

Thanks for lookin!
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