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Hello fellow Beckett Traders, Friends and Community. I came across this auction on the Bay and want your thoughts and opinion on the legitimacy of this Maclin Patch. Here is the link:

As I look at it, it looks very rough around the border of the patch area. Im a little leery of it. I know the old saying of stick with your gut but I just wanted to get some more opinions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hell, I dunno... but, look at the rest of it. Looks like he used every enhancement and detail-grabbing setting he could click on. You may just be seeing what you wouldn't normally see unless you enlarged the scan and didn't cut corners on the quality.
It does look rough where the patch is. My motto is: When in doubt, leave it out.
i dont think it is legit
Looks real to me, but I would lay off if it goes too high (Which it probably will)
I'd Probly stay away from that one T the border on that patch window would scare me pretty bad. I can't honestly say it's a fake cause you never know till you send it for authentication but that one doesn't look good. Plus with the damage to the patch window go you really want it I mean real patch or not the card is Probly a 7 at best
Stay away... It looks really bad...
Just went and took a closer look and after further review the call on the field stands. That card has some pretty bad damage to the patch window, I can't tell if the top right corner is chipped or singed but there looks like some damage there, and the bottom left corner has some lifting on it you can see a good bit of white. So patch real or not ( it's fake IMO. ) just say no T
It is it and send it to me...I will destroy it and keep our fellow hobby lovers safe Smile

It is honestly hard to tell man. I would pass on it. I think Lump hit it right on. Even if the patch is legit,the card is in pretty rough condition. I think when he said a 7 he was bring lenient.
I mean if you can grab the card up for a little bit of nothing it might be worth the risk if you are going to PC it. If you plan on ever moving the card I would stay away from it.
I'd stay away from it. It's a shame that we have to watch for this kinda stuff !!!!
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