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Here it is folks. I am looking for either $100 or $150 in trade. As far as trade, im open to what I'll receive, but Im only looking to get 1 or 2 cards in return. I hope you guys like and we can get a deal done! Thanks

[Image: IMG_0003_NEW.jpg]
Would you be interested in trading for an Alex Rios Rip 15/25?
Rip it!
Give it a little rippy. Rip, rip, riparoo.
I agree Rip it or sell it on ebay.
Thanks for the input guys. If I dont get a good offer by the end of the week, I'll rip it and post my findings. 'Till then, I would still like to sell or trade it. Any offers?
check me for it
(08-09-2011 08:50 AM)rascrush Wrote: [ -> ]check me for it

Sorry, didnt see anything.
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