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So I thought I did pretty good getting 3 boxes Topps Lineage for $85.00 ea...I actually like this product and the different inserts...So here's what was hit with pretty much everything scanned...As always everything is for trade/sell...

Here's the box top loaders...
[Image: lineage10.gif]

Here's the Venezuelan...
[Image: lineage13.gif]

Here's the cloth stickers...
[Image: lineage6.gif]

Here's the stand ups...
[Image: lineage1.gif]

Here's the rookie inserts...
[Image: lineage14.gif]
[Image: lineage15.gif]

Here's the base rookies...I have dups of all of these
[Image: lineage16.gif]
[Image: lineage17.gif]

The autos..I know McCutchen is an SP...
[Image: lineage5.gif]

The relics...Strasburg is the Canary yellow and its ser # 4/10
[Image: lineage4.gif]

Have to say I enjoyed opening this product b/c each pack has something new to it

Here's the 3D...
[Image: lineage9.gif]

All the 75 minis...
[Image: lineage2.gif]
[Image: lineage3.gif]

All diamond Anniversary related...
[Image: lineage7.gif]
[Image: lineage8.gif]
[Image: lineage12.gif]
[Image: lineage11.gif]
Nice Strasburg pull
Cool Strasburg and brandon belt
Yes, the Stras is sweet!
I could use any of the Ethier's you would like to move please. Thanks!
I need all the Cano's..... I have busted Lineage myself if you are looking to complete the set.. let me know.. thanks.
Getting rid of the McCutchen ?
I'm interested in the Gomes and all the Reds cards
No Chippers?
I am liking the lineage set. I need to go get another box this week.
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