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Picked up a Jumbo at the NSCC...

Was pretty happy with it..

The hits..

Drew Brees SP Variation

James Starks Game Day Auto

Kyle Rudolph Rookie Red Zone Auto /100

Randall Cobb Rookie Patch 3CLR

and the extra hit

Terry Bradshaw Super Bowl Jersey Gold /35

[Image: Topps2011.jpg]
very nice, i'd be interested in the sp variation if you are trading
Nice! Did you happen to get a Lance Briggs Topps Gold or Black insert?
That Bradshaw sounds sweet. Got any scans?
Does anyone have a link to a list (with pics) of the SP's? I bought maybe 10 jumbo packs and want to see if I got one.
someone posted a link in one of the other jumbo breaks..just cant find it right now..had pics of all the rookie and veteran SPs
Im interested in the Cobb and Starks. PLMK

Here is a link to the SPs
Would like to have the starks....I love the GameDay autos as well as the Peak Performance from last year.
Would be interested in any decent player from these sets.
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