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I pulled a 2011 Allen and Ginter Derek Jeter Silk today and think it must be pretty rare considering I can't find any information anywhere on how much it might be worth. All I know is its 1 of 10 printed. I just started collecting baseball cards again last week and would love any input on the card.

[Image: photo.jpg]
If you upload the pic to photobucket, then paste the IMG code here, it works a lot better than attachments (I wonder why they haven't just removed the attachment feature altogether)
Yeah I totally agree the attachment feature does not work and when it does it is a small pic.Just copying and pasting the IMG codes is perfect.Anyways those silk cards are a rare find you did good.
Thanks for the tip
Nice pull, I'll bet you can get $100 for that
Its a very Nice Jeter!! Love to have it!
That's a beauty
Very nice card, Id love to have it too.
Very nice card, i'd like a shot at it if it is still available and you are willing to move it.
Nice card but i don't need it Smile
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