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I've been away from the hobby for more about 6-7 years, but got the urge top crack a box after I got my dad a box of his own for his bday.

Here's what I got:

Game Used Memorabilia
-Derrek Lee
-Billy Butler

Certified Auto
-Brent Morel

Printing Plate
-Joey Votto (cyan 1/1)

Wood Mini
-Geno Auriemma (1/1)

I think it was a hot box because most of the packs had two minis in each pack (can someone confirm this or is this dumb luck?).


[Image: 35i90dh.jpg]
You were super luck to get 5 hits... Autos are 2 every 6 boxes.. and you got an auto. If you put that Wood on Ebay it should take in about the price of the box...

and minis are 1 per pack so got an extra hot box..... but they dont make "Hot Boxes" this isnt Fleer Ultra from 1994. You just got lucky
I don't think Topps meant to have any hot boxes, or maybe they did, who knows. It appears to be bad correlating but when it works out to your advantage its very nice. And I'm glad it happened to someone just getting back into the hobby rather than someone who bought five cases. Welcome back, and congrats!!
Check me for the Votto if it's FT
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