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Amazing Pull from the '11 Topps, the '11 R&S was okay and the 08 Topps Chrome was decent:

[Image: Charles.jpg]
[Image: Bowers.jpg]
[Image: Namath.jpg]
Just look in my sig!!!!! I collect him!!!! PM me!!!!
Sweet Namath!!
killer man
got a nice Dez Bryant patch auto that we could trade around on for the Namath and Charles If you want to try and work something out.
Great pulls, happy for ya man.
(08-06-2011 04:38 PM)daytonator Wrote: [ -> ]Great pulls, happy for ya man.

Thanks D - the Namath was a surprise, really thought I was headed for a $6 GU of Jake Long...
Wow. Nice pulls.
Awesome Namath, man!
Pretty nice !! Congrats
Nice stuff Rif!!! Jamaal is only "decent"? Dang, you're a tough crowd! LOL
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