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Full Version: Satellite Dish?
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I have a question.

I currently have Comcast, and the suckers just more and doubled my bill, and I was thinking of going dish. I heard some horror stories about people being way over charged when using the dish, but unsure as to which company it was. Direct TV? I heard that Dish Network is pretty good.

I just want Red Zone more than anything. Sunday Tcket sounds good, but you can only see one game at a time, and I usually do several Fantasy leagues and love the Red Zone updates.
I love direct tv I know someone that has dish and I just don't like it. But I'm not sure if you get red zone for free with dtv or not.
Red Zone was actually part of the Sunday Ticket first. It was then adopted by others. With Sunday ticket, you can still get Red Zone. You can also watch (I think) 4 games at once on a split screen kind of setup on one of the channels. (Or if your tv has PIP)
I had directv and loved it. I have too many trees where I live now. I think they have a special going on where the Sunday ticket is free or something. Check them out. I just switched to uverse from Comcast. It's with AT&T. No Sunday ticket, but you do get redzone.
Oh yeah they do have the Sunday Ticket for free for a year for new customers. I forgot about that. Also I think if you can find a family member or friend to refer you you will both get $10.00 credits on your bill for 10 months.
i Dumped dish network last year for Directv and am SO happy i did! WAY more stuff and games,less of a headache to contact someone there and better signal.. i got a SUPER deal on the FB package too!
DirecTv is the way to go. Ive had the Sunday Ticket for years, it is the greatest thing man has ever created.
DirecTV is the way to go if you're a football fan. They're now offering NFL Sunday Ticket for free when you switch! Smile
I was just looking at that Direct TV.....It's like HARD not to purchase right now! LOL!
My buddy has had DirectTV since before they was DirectTV..
He wouldn't switched even if you paid him.
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