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So wife and I went to the store pick up this card...

2011 Upper Deck Letterman Auto - Andy Dalton

Ended up buying a box of 2011 Rookies and Stars too...
No kidding, walking into the garage... I said "It would be so cool to land an Andy Dalton auto"...and here it is...

Andy Dalton 235/299

The other hits
Bilal Powell 17/50

Von Miller 41/299

Tony Romo 37/50

Troy Polamalu /25
Adrian Peterson /249
Mario Manningham /99
Darren McFadden /249

Rookie Revolution
Kyle Rudolph /500
Von Miller

Studio Rookies
Jake Locker
Stevan Ridley /500
That's great when you pull exactly what you wanted congrats.
Love the R&S Dalton if its ever ft look me up please
I would like to have the troy P parallel.
i would like the Powell jumbo if you decide to trade, pm me.

Congrats on the Daltons.
Sweet! Congrats on the hit. Always nice when that happens.
If either Dalton is ever FT plz check me too.
(08-06-2011 10:47 AM)Marinoisking Wrote: [ -> ]I would like to have the troy P parallel.

Hey, it's up for grabs... but honestly, I'm waiting for the BV to be released.
Oh, and sorry ya'll... The Dalton AUs are not up for grabs.
Check me for Powell if it is FS/ FT
Nice daltons
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