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Picked up a box at the 32nd Annual National Sports Collectors Memoribilia show since they were cheap as compared to the two I have sitting waiting for me when I get home. As the dealer allowed me to pick which box I wanted, I joked with him hoping that I would finally pick a Yankees autograph. Went over to the Topps booth to open them up and get my redemption. First pack out of the box and my hope came true:

Hector Noesi AU

As for the rest:

Jiwan James AU
Austin Jackson GU/AU
Redemption for Dual AU of Jaff Dacker/Donovan Tate
Ike Davis Ruby
Matt Lipka Green Refractor
Delino DeShields Green Refractor
Josh Hamilton Emerald
Carlos Pena Emerald
Jimmy Paredes X-Fractor
Manny Machado X-Fractor
Jose Igesias X-Fractor
Matt Harvey X-Fractor
Jonathan Singleton X-Fractor
Nicely done indeed. Willing to trade that ike ruby?
check me for your prospect autos...
check me for the ike and the harvey plz
Could use the Lipka
I've got two hobby boxes to open up today that were sitting here at home delivered. I usually don't trade cards I need, only duplicates, so we will see what we get today. I really have gotten the bug for autographs; even if they are not from my Yankees.
Did you get an Dodger variations? I am looking for any of them except base ethier, and gold Kershaw. Thanks!
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