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Many of you might have read my unfair UPS thread about having to be 21 to sign for the cards. The UPS guy came back today and i made my neighbor sign for it...but anyways let me tell you what i got in the break.

Redemption Card for Autographed Prospects Refractor of Matt Harvey
Rashun Dixon Auto - not numbered
Robinson Tejeda Auto/Jersey - 0009/1166
Soto/Pena/Garza Triple Auto- 1/1(going to sell it, anybody have an idea what i should price it at?)

Got excited when I pulled that last one!

Also got 4 Chris Sale Rc's
Freddie Freeman RC
Jacob Goebbert Green Refractor - 005/599
Sean Coyle Gold Refractor - 40/50

Thanks for reading and sorry but I never installed the software for my scanner on my new computer so can't put any pics up
Triple auto is great! It was worth the pain in the A** wait.
(08-05-2011 05:48 PM)randall617 Wrote: [ -> ]Triple auto is great! It was worth the pain in the A** wait.

Yeah it was only a day, my neighbor was outside so he signed for me. I was just upset yesterday cause I've been waiting a while for this box. And does anyone have an idea of what i should price the triple auto 1/1 for?
Not sure on the price but nice hit.
check me for the dixon... and very nice hit
Check me for the Matt harvey
Interested in the triple if you get a price figured out. Let me know and that was a very good box, imo!
check me for the harvey plz
(08-06-2011 11:58 AM)john1580 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the harvey plz

Think I'm going to hang on to everything but the triple auto unless you have some Yankees rookies which I didn't see.
Could use the Freeman RC
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