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For some reason cards I have traded away are still coming up FT. So I unmarked all that I had marked and will add them back tomorrow. I hope this will fix that problem.

same thing happens to me and i cant get it fixed even tried deleteing them and readding them.
i know the feeling bro... i have the vanishing card trick going right now.
Drives me Nuts!
Well I logged out a bit ago and just logged back in and NOTHING is showing up on my side right now in the trade pages so this is a good sign.
NOBODY wants your poo anyways
(08-04-2011 10:25 PM)itsdagooch Wrote: [ -> ]NOBODY wants your poo anyways

Well I guess I will just have to unpackage what I have set up to go out tomorrow for you since nobody wants them......
Matt Ryan 1/1 Rookie Logo Exquisite ?? YAYAYAAY
(08-04-2011 10:54 PM)itsdagooch Wrote: [ -> ]Matt Ryan 1/1 Rookie Logo Exquisite ?? YAYAYAAY

That's it!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you know ?????
Hope this makes senseSmile

Because the system makes a "copy" of your trade its possible to have 2 of each without knowing it.

Heres what I do- after making a trade I go into the recently traded folder and everything with a 0 in have are the ones u just traded away- I make sure all columns have zeroes for that card and I send them to trash.
Once I receive cards from a trade, I go to the same folder and place a 1 in the trade away column and "move" it to my trade folder.
* If the card received used to be marked as a "trade for" (want) I zero it out and send to trash but before I send it, I copy the description. Once I send it to trash I go into my wants folder and search (paste description) and then update the columns for that card with have 1 keep 1 trade away 0 trade for 0 (unless I have multiples and 1 is for trade)
In that case dont send the card to trash just click the recently traded tag and the card will leave the recently traded folder.
thanks for the ifo floydtown Smile

quick question, how can we keep our NFT cards public, but not be able for someone to add them into a trade ???

thanks in advance Smile

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