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Here are the results from my break today..... ALL ARE AVAILABLE!

Nice cards, just too much $$ for 4 cards, especially when all I collect is Penguins cards.

[Image: 1PC10008.jpg]

PM if interested in anything
Sweet Thornton Patch!!!!!!!!!! You should get some nice Pens cards for that.
That Thornton is sweet. But you're right. WAY too much money for the other 3 cards that may as well appear in a product like Artifacts.
That's actually better than a lot of my boxes and I broke 12
Sick thorton
Not too bad, could have done worse. I'd be wellllllllll interested in that Thornton.... however i seriously doubt i have anything i could offer you for it. Let me know if i do though... haha.
Now I'm not sure why your not happy lol...the two that ended already aren't as nice as yours and one went for almost 70.00 lol... I did 3 Ultimate yesterday and MIGHT get 50.00 back out of the three COMBINED
sweet auto and that patch is nice

i agree it is too much for just 4 cards... better to do a box of decades for that price point in a way (and it has Whalers)
Great cards. Patch is awesome.
Nice Thornton patch! Check my org for the Dubinsky, thanks!
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