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As some of you know, I am from Chicago. With this, I have the pleasure of having the National Convention in town this weekend with an incredible autograph line up, dealers galore.


I'm heading there Saturday to get a few autos on some really unique items and then to scout the place out for deals, cards I like, cards I need etc. Then Sunday, I'm going to do some damage on the ol' Paypal account.

So, if there is anything in particular you would love for your PC let me know. I can scout it out Saturday, get back to you with what I found, and maybe we can work out a trade Saturday night subject to picking up whatever card(s) I am able to get your OK to buy at the show. Could also accept paypals.

No gimmicks, I just have an opportunity that a lot of people dont have on here and I am going with a small budget for myself. Thought it would be fun and a good way to build some solid trading relationships on here by going the extra mile!
have fun and enjoy
its really a good thing i dont have the luxury of attending the show because im pretty sure i would blow a couple grand within 5 minutes of walking in the door. and i dont even have that kind of money lol.
Hey man, check out and let me know if you see any of the hometown guys stuff.....Urlacher first followed by Cutler, yell if you find any goodies.
Thanks for doing this! You're going to have a long list! LOL

Any nice Ricky Williams patches (especially from this years Exquisite!) or nice autos. Wink Thanks so much!
Your so kind.

Lookout for any sick 4-5 color patches of my man Barry Bonds.You know what I got for trade for the right patch.Thanks
Any JT or ZT autos I dont have would be spectacular.

JT haves:

ZT haves:
Any nice jacoby Ford's you could find...lmk.....thanks
An 84 fleer update Puckett!
75 Topps baseball set

Just message me thanks!
Any nice Chargers patches/auto's. Thanks!
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