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So i came back from my little vacation in Pittsburgh to find this stuff!

First a trade with Nflsam79! Great guy! Easy to deal with!

[Image: 530b284e.jpg]

Then some PC from eBay!!

Peter Warrick

[Image: 5c3eb954.jpg]

[Image: 8ec28d0c.jpg]

[Image: 820a8d84.jpg]

[Image: b2be1090.jpg]

[Image: bb85b8e1.jpg]

[Image: ceff7fc2.jpg]

[Image: dec76362.jpg]

[Image: e947a1a9.jpg]

Kevin Kolb/150 - Not For Trade
[Image: 24c576f2.jpg]

So by this time its all good! And i see i have a redemption package!! Oh my! I have a lot waiting! And here is what pops up! NOT FT AT THE MOMENT EITHER! Thought i'd put that out there!! lol

Ryan Mathews/299
[Image: a786252a.jpg]

By now i'm overjoyed and thought i had a pretty sick mail day! But then the Holy Grail of Reggie's Pops UP!!

[Image: 25224b57.jpg]

So i was running around all excited and stuff and was done for the day, or so i thought!
I just happen to see a box sitting on the table and didn't know if it was mine or my gf's! And low and behold it was for me!! Something that i had pre-ordered but couldn't find any tracking on it, so i counted it as a lost cause! And when i opened it up it was this!!

[Image: be849e0a.jpg]

Tell me what u think!! Sick or what???
just amazing my friend
I had a pretty nice little mail day today myself.....but nothing like that!!
I would love to have a reggie auto...he is playing for my fins now haha
lol yea i know! He's one of my favs! Pm on its way!!
nice, lmk what you get from the r&s!!
Box Results! All For Trade!

[Image: 6716b76d.jpg]

[Image: 08a7bc8d.jpg]

[Image: d55e786f.jpg]

[Image: 4f61f5ca.jpg]

[Image: 63b07243.jpg]

[Image: 66c2563a.jpg]

[Image: afacf97d.jpg]

[Image: 89b10f4e.jpg]
Very nice, love that jumbo patch!
cool julio jones patch! dont need it though..Sad
sure u could.. lol
that is a very nice patch indeed my friend
thats awesome man
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