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I've got the card below for trade. I'm looking for a football or MMA card around the same value. Could be an AU or rookie card, it doesn't matter. I may trade for a couple of cards if it's someone I really want.

Send me an offer if you have something.

[Image: WeeMan.jpg]
I am interested in the WeeMan Auto. Who are you looking for in MMA
I'd like an AU of comparable value of GSP, Dan Henderson, Brock Lesnar, Fedor, or Overeem. Will do a couple of cards if an AU isn't enough.
Nice pull. But I will pass on the asking price
wow. now im curious to check what wee man books for!
Thanks for the offers, but the WEEMAN has been traded.

I was looking for $80 - $90 in trade for it. Got a sweet CJ AU and a Jamie Harper.
sounds fair! congrats!!
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