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Got these two in today

mendenhall #9/25
williams refractor 135/599
Sevans sent me a bunch of freebies as well...THANK YOU
Also Orton from lridgey

[Image: scan0021.jpg]
that mendy is sweet!
(08-03-2011 02:32 PM)rogue655 Wrote: [ -> ]that mendy is sweet!
I agree cool card
VERY nice mailday, congrats Smile
(08-03-2011 02:36 PM)patsfan129 Wrote: [ -> ]I agree cool card

Sick cards!
Very nice! I agree about the Mendy! Love some Limited.

You get my pm about the vintage?
Some nice stuff too bad we didnt get orton
I know man I wish we got him!!
Thanks for the Kind words guys.
Tippie I am not sure if I did or not.....shoot me another on if you dont mind
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