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(08-04-2011 04:26 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]Ive dumped all Patrick Turner and Pat White cards as they were nothing but a waste.

I feel that about some of the Steelers cards I own but there's a part of me who overlooks the player and all I can see is black and gold, LOL. I cannot mark them FT to save my life. It's a sickness.
(08-04-2011 05:27 AM)wavytiger1975 Wrote: [ -> ]I collect Vikings that are going to be remembered as Vikings. I will dump my Sidney Rice collection for other Vikings for my pc so I don't see how I lose from my collection or how it wasted time or money. I think it's cool that there are true team collector's out there and I think of myself as more of a streamlined version of a team collector. I don't collect many Vikings players for various reasons, but it's mostly because I can't afford them all and need to be really choosey who I collect.

Very cool loved the story!!!!
(08-03-2011 10:33 AM)nthnoak Wrote: [ -> ]Well I can understand it even though I dont do that with my team. I still have a bunch of Glen Coffee and Nate Davis rc's, however I wouldn't hesitate to trade them for something else I like. Back when I was a kid my favorite player was Shaq and my favorite team was the Lakers. When Shaq left, I hated him but stayed true to the Lakers. Thats when I learned I was a bigger fan of the team rather than the player. My biggest fear in football is Frank Gore, Crabtree, Davis, or Willis going to a different team. It sucks to see your favorite players leave your favorite team so I could imagine dumping their cards since the whole reason I even have them is that they play for my favorite team.

I call dibs on your traded Niners Smile
(08-04-2011 12:21 AM)eazy e Wrote: [ -> ]Well me personally I feel like I want a player to play for my team for the majority of their career. Like Montana, i'm not gonna just dump him cause he finished out with the Cheifs but if a 49er only plays with us for 3 years but then goes on to play 7 seasons with another team, I dont want him for my 49ers PC. In this era its not realistic to think a certain player is gonna play with just one team their whole career but I want them to play the "majority" with 1 team

I call dibs on your rejects lol
(08-04-2011 11:48 PM)younglover Wrote: [ -> ]I call dibs on your traded Niners Smile

I call dibs on your rejects lol

Word is we are trying to get rid of Taylor Mays. You have first shot if they do. I got a couple Jason hills and glen coffee that need to go also.
As a Panthers fan, I have way too much to say here. I will wait until Friday afternoon, when I am sober. Wink
Otherwise, there will be a lot of rambling that no one wants to read.
I have thought this as well many times. I collect the bengals and have almost 30 Chad autos but that doesn't mean a single one is ft. If anything I am still looking for more. Same with other players. If a nice Johnathan Joseph pops up i don't have its mine. But I will start buying more retired bengals now since im not too big on anyone other than some defensive players most notably leon hall.
As a Panthers fan, most of the best players in the first several years were robbed from other NFL teams via the expansion draft or FA. Players who made a mark got their previous non-Panthers cards added to my Panthers collection. Carolina seemed to have taken some of their best players in the early years from the Saints and Steelers (Sam Mills, Wesley Walls, Mark Fields, Ernie Mills, Kevin Greene). BTW, Sam Mills is the ONLY player in the Panthers Hall of Fame and there are statues of him outside of the stadium. Sadly, he suddenly died 4 days before I was going to meet him at a local signing.
Anyway, I don't trade away any cards of Panthers players when they leave or retire. I just lose focus on acquiring new cards of them. Best examples: Muhsin Muhammad is my favorite Panthers WR ever but, as soon as he left for the Bears, I was done adding cards. I didn't get rid of any, but as soon as he returned, I started collecting his cards again-including the ones of him in a Bears uni.
Peppers left for the Bears and I lost interest in collecting his cards. When/if he comes back to Carolina, I will resume my collection. But for now, his cards are in there and won't go anywhere, but also won't see many new cards added.
If someone is drafted by one of my teams, but gets traded or leaves after a year or two or three, the cards of them in that uni. stay, but nothing after is added. Examples: Javon Walker RC's are still in my Packers PC and Deion Branch RC's are still in my Pat's collection but that's it. All their other cards were/are up for trade.
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