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Picked up a box from 2 different stores.Rookies & Stars is one of my "MUST BUY, AND LOTS OF IT" every year. I think some of these inserts are the best I've seen put out in a while.

I'm not a big insert collector, but I just have to show this insert set, I love the make up with the front and back photos :

[Image: 2011paninirsstudiorookiesfront.jpg]
[Image: 2011paninirsstudiorookiesback.jpg]

Now, on to the hits from the 2 boxes:

Box 1:
[Image: 2011paninirsbox1hits.jpg]
I seem to be followed by this "Clyde" guy..

Box 2 :
[Image: 2011paninirsbox2hits.jpg]
Same goes for Mickel "Jersey" Leshoure

What are your opinions of the breaks, I'm kinda indifferent right now..
Box 1 was nothing special, although the Megatron patch is pretty nice. Box 2 was pretty sweet with the Hunter auto and Daniel Thomas Prime patch. I really like the look of the Dress for Success this year. Nice set. By any chance is the Locker Studio Rookies FT?
Hey, hey! I'm your guy to pass your Clyde guy off to! Did that make sense? In other words, check me out and trade him to me! But seriously, pretty nice stuff there... and I will agree, I REALLY like some of the inserts in this set this year.. Please let me know if this Gates is FT, and I'm assuming you have another card of him based off what you said.
Don't know if I have anything you want but I'll take the Justin Houston and leshoure off your hands
Not overwhelmed, but I do think you got a nice variety of sets. That tends to happen with R&S from time to time. I am surprised to not see a RC patch/auto though.
did you pull any legarrette blount parallels?
I could use the LeShoure
Dang Ryan Williams is jacked
sick patches
I'd like a shot at the Megatron!
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