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I will be going to training camp soon and will be taking a full sized helmet. Last year I wanted Matt Ryan to sign it, but now, I am thinking Julio Jones. Tony Gonzalez would be nice too since he will more than likely retire soon. I really don't know. Who would you get if you had the chance?

Thanks for the input.
Tony Gonzalez is a future HOFer. He would definitely be my choice.
I would go with Matt Ryan but Gonzalez would be a great choice also. Have a great time at training camp Flowery Branch is so nice i been a few years i sure miss living in Ga
Y not try to get all 3?
Ryan or Gonzalez
Matt Ryan for sure. Gonzalez would be nice but he'll be remembered as a TE for the Chiefs. Id go with Ryan and Roddy White or Julio on the other side, whichever wideout. Good Luck!
tony gonzalez for sure!
Matt... NO doubt...
i would go with matt ryan for 2 reasons, one being he is the quarterback and face of the franchise and 2 being tony gonzalez was way more successful in kansas city and thats what he will be remembered for, not his time in atl
All 4!! Matt, Tony, Julio & Roddy.
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