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Full Version: Massive Break
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Hey Everyone,

Sometime soon (right Canada post?) I'm gonna indulge in a massive break for the ages. Thanks to some great pricing I've picked up a few older boxes in combination with some new.

I have the following on the way-

2 boxes UD series 1 10/11
2 boxes Black Diamond 10/11
1 box Certified 10/11
2 Boxes SPx 10/11
2 Boxes Parkhurst 05/06
1 box Black Diamond 08/09
1 box OPC 08/09

Not really so much in the super high end but it sure will be fun! Anyone have any interests that could fall in these boxes give me a heads up and I will keep it in mind. I've had terrible luck with SPx so wish me well with that too!

I'm an Oilers fan and have tried to collect anything/everything Hall,Eberle & Paajarvi. Also always on the look out for any nice Hemsky or Smyth cards (especially patch cards). Still lookin for Clear Cut Champions but it's been a tough go!

Finally like to thank those I've completed deals with and those I've talked deals with. I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning but I've dealt with some solid collectors and look forward to more deals!

If you pull any Giroux of JVR let me know!
Will do!

Keep an eye on the organize moving forward!
If you pull anything Bruins keep me in mind. Thanks
Hey Jason, Good luck with your breaks. Also looking for the players in my sig.
Bruins and Penguins...gotcha!

Canada Post has been great as of late but starting to get a little worried about this massive order...perhaps the Civic Holiday got things backed up a little bit.
I'd be interested in Rangers stuff
mark me down for dibs on any oil you might not want. iv got alot of sweet patches of oilers.
Good luck! Please keep an eye out for any Travis Zajac and Brad Marchand cards for me (even base!).
Good luck on the breaks, when are you expecting them?
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