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Here is the first box and I'll be busting the second box of Rookies and Stars shortly.

[Image: rooks1.jpg]

Gore 243/249
Rice 04/99
Wilkerson 197/249
McPHEE 91/99

[Image: rooks2.jpg]

Locker 109/500
Todman 015/100
Liuget 098/300
Cameron 193/350

[Image: rooks3.jpg]

Brady 16/99
Harper 21/25
Bowe 131/200
Is the Liuget FT/FS? If so check my bucket or PM me a price. Thanks.
Better luck with the secnod bud.
Nice D BO if you get any Justin Houston let me know
looks like someone got an extra hit...only 4 per box i thought....
nice brady patch!
check me for Liuget 098/300
Not awful....but I hope the 2nd box treats you a bit better!!
it will treat him better
check me for the brady please
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