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I was wondering if someone could help me out with an issue.

Supposedly we are able to keep 100 cards in our organize free, without a membership.

I had way more, so I had a MOD help me to have support erase the cards from my organize, right down to ZERO cards.

HOWEVER, even with zero cards in my organize, I am being told I cannot access it without a membership.

Am I doing something wrong?
Support didn't (and won't) delete cards to get your org down to 0 - if you check your profile page, in the upper right corner under "organize stats" it says you still have 1900+ cards in your org.

All support can and will do is remove the trade entries on those cards so that you won't get trade offers for them.
all they did was change the 1's to 0's so no one would send you trade offers
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