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I've gotten close to 30 trades in the last few weeks, and the Ginter mini sets are really progressing, So far I've spent $72 on various packs, and $60 on a nice little mini lot from yankeessomethingorother (I forget which one it was, sorry)
My A&G stats:
Base mini set (with EXT mini's) 134/400
A&G back set 78/350
Black set 43/350
Inserts 65/90
Overall 320/1190 = 26.9%
I've also added a bunch of 2010 stuff and some 2011 Topps Ser 1 stuff and a few other random things to my Org last night.
Keep tradin' everyone!
ive gotten about 40 trades done the last month myself....a few with you too i think...keep up the good work pete !!
I don't trade as much as most people, but in the past month and a bit, I have completed 6 trades and am in the middle of one. That is a busy trading month for me.
Despite complaints from some users to the contrary, from my perspective it never really slowed down. Except for my self-imposed break the last few weeks, I've always had 10-15 trades going at any one time.
Hey, Pete. I added more minis; if you need any, send an offer over. Thanks.

Edit: I sent an offer. Let me know. Thanks.'s galore in my org.
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