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Today was trade day at Wayne's and despite my usual apprehension at attending, I had a blast. I ended up trading for many stuff off of my Hurricanes wantlist and I also took part in a ten person case break of 2010-11 Upper Deck Series I. With the 4th overall choice, I chose Toronto, then I chose Colorado, and then I got hosed on St. Louis with my last pick.

Anyways, here are my hits from the case break (2X Kadri YG, 1X Kadri Retro YG, 2X Irwin YG, 1X Irwin Retro YG, 2X Yip YG, 1X Yip Exclusives YG, 2X Marc Olver YG, Marek Svatos GU jersey, + other common inserts. For $84, I was pretty happy. Too bad St. Louis only had one card!) :

[Image: groupbreak.jpg]
Sick additions
nice hits

that is pretty cool they have that stuff at your LCS....
Nice break, Congrats on all the Kadri YGs.
Hey I was there that day, but I was with a friend and couldn't stay for long.
I need one of those Kadri Young Guns. Check my org.
I was there the day before, couldn't get back, nice hits.
Thanks for all of the comments everyone. Trade day is a blast, and everyone makes good trade offers for your cards, and everyone walks out happy.

As for people who messaged me about trading for certain cards, I no longer trade on this site due to the questionable system of charging to trade essentially, so if you have any interest in a Kadri or a Yip, I do trade on he other major site that I am a noted member of.
when is the next trade day at your lcs?
(08-04-2011 05:27 AM)bonnev659 Wrote: [ -> ]when is the next trade day at your lcs?

The person who organizes the trade days at Wayne's is there every Saturday to trade, but a full-on trade-day like last week will be sometime late in August I imagine.
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