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ok so I am trying to get my cards organized but don't really want to start completely over so I have made a new collection and am in the process of checking the cards that I have done before and just moving them to the new collection as I go.

The issue I am seeing is when I search for a card (Albert Pujols for example) It shows them in my 'baseball' collection, I select all of them and add them to my 'alphabetized' collection. This all works great.

then I search directly for the next player in my collection (Mark McGwire for example) which pulls up all my McGwire cards. I select all the cards but when I go to add them to the new 'alphabetized' collection I can't, there is no drop down menu with all my collections. I need to refresh the page and then the drop down is on there.

Overall not a MAJOR issue but can add up to lots of wasted time with 500k cards and having to refresh the page after every player is added to a new collection.

if you are using internet explorer, turn OFF compatibility mode
(07-30-2011 03:07 PM)jacobystealshome Wrote: [ -> ]if you are using internet explorer, turn OFF compatibility mode

I normally use Safari (I use a Mac) but I also tried it on Firefox and both of them do the same thing.
You can type in the collection field and it should pop up once you enter a few characters. Otherwise, refreshing the page seems to work when it happens to me.
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