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Here are the hits --
[Image: m2011rookiesstarsbrees.jpg]
[Image: m2011rookiesstarsgreen.jpg]
01/50 (eBay 1/1! lol)
[Image: m2011rookiesstarssmith.jpg]
[Image: c2011rookiesstarssmith.jpg]

So two of the hits are just variations of the same card. In addition, I pulled two Julio Jones Sudio Rookies cards, one base and one parallel #'d/500.

** sigh **
the brees is nice though
Not too bad though. Nice Brees.
doesnt seem too bad, the Brees is pretty sick
The Brees is REALLY nice in person. The pic doesn't do it justice.
did you pull any blount parallels?
I've been really impressed with the Longevity parallels from R&S this year. Really sharp! That collation is terrible though. Sorry, ADB!
i need the brees would you do it for this
[Image: IMAG0184.jpg][Image: IMAG0192.jpg]
(07-30-2011 03:39 PM)rogue655 Wrote: [ -> ]did you pull any blount parallels?

No, but same team... lol! Here are my Longevity parallels --

#156/249 -- Ahmad Bradshaw
#168/249 -- John Carlson
#57/99 -- Kellen Winslow
#49/49 -- Kenny Britt (another eBay 1/1!... * sigh *)
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