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I decided to do this insert set since my girlfriend liked them...

Need the following #s:

12, 30.

I don't have a whole lot for trade at the moment, mostly just some A&G base & inserts....but if I have something you might want and can help me out, I'd appreciate it. Might also considering buying.
I have some...
i also have some, send me an open offer or normal offer
Only need 7 more!
wich ones do you need.
Yeah my girlfriend asked me to assemble this set as well. I have to sit down and see how many more she needs.
(07-30-2011 10:13 AM)bman12 Wrote: [ -> ]wich ones do you need.

The 7 I need are listed in my first post.
i have #16and#22 at the moment.i think they are in my org
Just need 5 more.....8, 9, 12, 24, 30.

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!
did you still need #24 just realized i have that one to.
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