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Full Version: pujols auto on card?
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i bought this real cheap, its supposed to be a pujols auto. i sent it to bgs to have it authenticated, they sent it back, saying that i needed to send this to jsa.. theres 3 boxes on the little card, that they sent back. #1-service unavailable.
#2evidence of tampering.
#3 questionable authenticity .the only one that is marked is #1.

before i send it to jsa, im asking pujols collectors to take a look at it.

thanks robyn.

[Image: PUJOLS.jpg]
I mean, it looks like his autograph...but I guess you can never be for sure. As for BGS, I don't think they authenticate signatures like that. I know they'll authenticate like cut signature cards, but those are cards issued as is from the card company. For just an in-person auto, I'm pretty sure they don't authenticate stuff like that.
BGS has teamed with JSA to authenticate these types of autos...there should be info on it on the BGS site
looks fake to me, thats just my opionion though
I think this is a fake. Between the J and the S in his last name is where the mistake come in IMO. He always has a little knock in there where his "o" belongs. It doesn't have an "o" but has a little knock letting you know a letter is there. Cardsfest and I have gotten his auto in person when he was just a rookie and I own current pack pulled and that knock is always there.
for such a huge star, Pujols has an autograph that looks pretty easy to imitate IMO, not like Jeter's or Griffey's
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