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Full Version: Acronyms ???
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Maybe its because I'm getting older or I'm new to Beckett but some of the acronyms you guys are using I have no idea what they mean. Could someone give me a run down of the most common used ones so the next time I get messages from someone I don't have to sound like a complete idiot and ask them what they are talking about. Thanks Guys!
Could you come up with some sort of list of what ones you'd like to know?
haha, these threads come up about three times a year it seems
LTTF - looking to trade for
CmB - check my bucket
CMO - check my org
TY - thank you
LOL - laugh out loud
NP - no prob
TTYL - talk to you later

LMFAO = WHOA! Can't go there... Lol (Laugh out loud.)
lcs = local card shop
LMK = Let Me Know
WTS = Want to Sell
PMITG = Peyton Manning is the Greatest (This one is quite common!)
TTT - Topps Triple Threads
FOTG - Fabric of the Game
TOTT - Tools of the Trade
ICBINB - I can't believe it's not butter Smile

means "Want to trade all my Peyton autos for your base cards" Smile

rarely used term here, but hopefully it'll catch on soon Wink


means you're a lucky duck, not a pinch in the rear end as some may think Wink

"Mail Day"

means you got something in the mail (hopefully something other than bills) Smile


your organize, post and mark your cards for trade, and get the party started Smile


means "let me know" ..... welcome aboard and if you have any questions LMK and I'll try to help you along your way Smile
(07-27-2011 06:29 AM)soccerscrub Wrote: [ -> ]LMK = Let Me Know
WTS = Want to Sell
PMITG = Peyton Manning is the Greatest (This one is quite common!)

good joke i see more people looking for my guy named Josh Freeman right now.

WTTF= Willing to trade for
CMO= Check my org
CMB= check my bucket
JFITBNDAI= Josh Freeman is the best no doubt about it (this one is really starting to catch on because freeman is the bomb) Smile
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