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mostly football but I have pretty much the whole sets of the NFL headliners and I have the very rare MAIL-IN Dan Marino...anybody that collects headliners will know what I am talking about
I also have many unopend starting lineups in football,basketball,and baseball
Marino/Griese dual
Bird/Mchael dual
Marino and elway singles from many years
Baseball wise I have a few
Ripken and Griffey Juniors

They are for sale or trade for football cards
what are the griffeys you have also do you have any peyton manning or stephen strasburg?
I have a couple of the 1997 griffeys starting lineups...would have to check and see if I have anymore
I dont have any newer baseball stuff at all....havent collected any of it since I was really little.
I do think I have a couple peytons I will have to check
any rickey hendersons?
ok just pm me if you do
interested in griffey if its unopened. lmk thanks
it is unopened and in mint condition
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