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Fairly new to and have been out of the collecting game for awhile, just jumped back in the last week or so. Went to my LCS and he had 1 last box of Prestige calling my name, pretty glad I purchased it.

[Image: MattAuto001.jpg]
[Image: MattAuto003.jpg]
Matt Ryan Autograph Serial # 4 / 5
[Image: cards001.jpg]
Prince Amukamara Rookie Autograph serial #206/299
[Image: cards007.jpg]
Ahmad Bradshaw Stars of the NFL Jersey Serial #241/250
[Image: cards006.jpg]
CJ Spiller Jersey
[Image: cards003.jpg]
Tom Brady/ Wes Welker Connections Jersey Serial # 234/250

Edmond Gates Serial #201/999
Ryan Whalen Serial #410/999
Jake Locker
Cameron Heyward
Blaine Gabbert
Jon Baldwin
Evan Royster
Ricky Stanzi (Just Realized this guy is a short print!)
Tandon Doss
Taiwan Jones
Delone Carter
DeMarco Murray
Quan Sturdivant
Jerrel Jernigan
Tyler Sash
John Clay
Brandon Harris
Quinton Carter
Ryan Mallett
Jacquizz rodgers
Lance Kendricks
Brooks Reed
Ryan Whalen
Kyle Rudolph
Greg Jones
Rahim Moore
Vincent Brown
Denarius Moore

Not sure how many rookies are supposed to be in a box but that seemed like alot!

What do you all think? Good box?
I would call that a helluva good box
Wanna trade the Matty?
(07-23-2011 04:54 PM)jheringa09 Wrote: [ -> ]Wanna trade the Matty?

I'm not a Falcons fan but that card is beautiful, I think I am going to hang on to it for awhile. Smile
I think you did very well
(07-23-2011 04:47 PM)bgillett86 Wrote: [ -> ]I would call that a helluva good box
Very nice!
Nice break... really good autos especially.. I would be interested in the Gates /999 if your looking to get rid of it.
wow you did really good!
Sick ryan
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