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Well after doing real nice on the Fleer rack packs I stoped at wallyWorld again. No new things but saw one of those 16 pack things and always see the football and baseball. but never the basketball. So as i was about to walk away I saw a basketball one. Picked it up and looked at the 6 packs they had in the window to get you to buy them. The normal 09-10 panini a R & S and donruss, and a 09-10 UD. Some of you may know that I have busted so many 09-10 ud blasters and got two al horford auto redemtions but never a blake rookie. I thought would it be funny that after all those blasters I could pull a blake outa one of these sucker buys. Well I went ahead and got it. Got home and opened up all the packs and saved the 1 09-10 UD for last. Here is what I got from all those packs. and Ialso grab the only Studio Rack Pack I saw
[Image: LebronJames01.jpg] [Image: DwyaneWade01.jpg]
[Image: KevinGarnett01.jpg] [Image: KevinGarnett02.jpg]
[Image: TayshaunPrince04.jpg] [Image: RichardHamilton.jpg]
[Image: BirdMagica.jpg] [Image: BirdMagicb.jpg]
[Image: CarmeloAnthony01.jpg] [Image: YaoMing01.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant100.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant07.jpg]
And yes I Finaly got me a blake Rookie from UD ... WooHoo
[Image: BlakeGriffin01.jpg] [Image: BlakeGriffin.jpg]

Also got
10-11 Prestige Troy Murphy Bonus Shots /249
10-11 Prestige Lebron James
Panini Hasheem Thabeet Rookie
09-10 Classic Dwight Howard
09-10 Threads home Jesery Marcus Camby
R & S Stardom Mike Bibby
08-09 MVP Rookie Brook Lopez
09-10 Studio Kevin Durant
09-10 Studio James Harden
09-10 Studio Tyreke Evans
94-95 Flair Anfrenee Hardaway
94-95 Flair Karl Malone

So over all Think I did good for 20 Bucks. But never again hehe
lol. Yeah, you did pretty good with just the Griffins. I'm addicted to those boxes and I don't know why. Smile
There was a pack of 94-95 Flair in there? Wow, that's a new one! And not too bad at all I'd say.
I got one of these with a 93-94 Ultra pack and hit the Jordan famous nicknames.
not bad
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