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As the title states looking for these cards for my set

1989 maxx

2005 Press Pass Legends Holofoils #"d 100

Heres my bucket link to check out nascar traders. I will trade from any other sports as well.

Everything is in the process of being added to my organizer thank you
No one? Beckett nascar board is dead
I think it's more that no one here can help you. I saw this post originally, but I don't have any '89 Maxx or '05 Legends that aren't PC cards. I have some '88 Maxx Charlotte FT, but none of the '89's. All of my Legends cards before 2010 are PC cards.
I really wish I could help. It seems that every time someone new shows up here, they get frustrated by the lack of responses and leave pretty quickly. I think there are only about a dozen regular members to this forum and they only randomly check in. Most of my threads have very little posts, but my 2010 Legends break thread had lots of responses. Everything here is quite random. If we could get an influx of about 5 members who check daily or weekly, I think the forum would be revived a little!
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I saw this and thought I was going to be able to help, but my wax box was 1991 Maxx.
(09-21-2011 12:42 PM)jwest1334 Wrote: [ -> ]I saw this and thought I was going to be able to help, but my wax box was 1991 Maxx.

Ditto! It still surprises me how hard it was for me to find NASCAR cards back then, esp. since I live in central NC! Even with a couple of LCS', they didn't carry NASCAR and we had a KMart, but they didn't carry any sports cards back then. Woolworth's was the place to go and they didn't carry NASCAR until 1991.
One last time before we let it die
Try it agaian been a while
End of the month try
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