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Had to scratch the itch again! Not a ton of big hits but the UD blaster, aside from a weak GU piece, was very nice with 3 MJ Legacies, solid base cards and decent RCs.

All the cards listed below are for trade/sell w/ the exception of the Jordan Legacies (the starquest and base Jordans are FT).

09-10 UD

base: Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, Garnett, Shaq, Duncan

MJ Legacies: 3 (37, 882, 950)

Short-printed RCs: Rubio, Curry, Evans

Immortals: Kareem, Moses Malone, John Paxson

Now Appearing: Chris Paul

Masterpieces: J.R. Giddens

GU piece: Josh Howard/Dirk

Assorted blaster- no big hits, the best are listed below:

Starquests: Jordan first edition, Iverson gold (ultra rare), Shaq gold (ultra rare) Durant copper (uncommon)

Misc: 07-08 Stadium Club Pete Maravich 1st day issue (#'ed 1198/1999)
08-09 UD Dynasty Kobe #LAL3
07-08 Hot Prospects Aaron Gray GU Auto RC #'d/599

I will scan any cards if anyone is interested.
nice maravich
(07-25-2011 04:50 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]nice maravich

Thanks, I have his silver signature from the 08-09 MVP set as well. Surprisingly respectable bv's on them IMO.
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