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Got a box from Blowout today. Here are the goods:

Regular Mini's:

Scott Cousins RC
Russell Martin
Ozzie Martinez RC
Chad Billingsley
Carlos Gomez
Todd Helton
Adam Jones

Ginter Mini's:
Xavier Nady
Ben Revere RC
Guy Fieri
Howie Kendrick
Shane Victorino

Black Border Mini:

BJ Upton
Carlos Zambrano

World's Mysterious Figures:

Nostradamus Mini

Uninvited Guests:

RMS Queen Mary

Animal's in Peril Mini's:

Greater Bamboo Lemur
Anderson's Salamander

Portraits in Penultimacy Mini's:

Meucci telephone
Watson Sleuth

Floating Fortress':

USS Pennsylvania
HMS Victory
USS Texas

Minds that Made the Future:

Marie Curie
Samuel Morse
Robert Koch

Ascent of Man:

Homo Sapiens

Now the better inserts....


Pedro Ciriaco
Ben Revere
Brian Bogusevic
Andrew Romine
Desmond Jennings
Jeremy Jeffress
Eric Sogard
Mark Trumbo
Jeremy Hellickson
John Lindsey
Ozzie Martinez
Tim Collins
Josh Rodriguez
Yonder Alonso
Aaron Crow
Zach Britton
Brandon Snyder

Hometown Heroes:

Josh Hamilton
Jimmy Rollins
David Price
Brett Anderson
Dexter Fowler
Brian Wilson
Travis Snider
Justin Verlander
C.J. Wilson
Brandon Morrow
Andre Ethier
Cliff Lee
Gordon Beckham
Troy Tulowitzki
Andrew Bailey
Adam Wainwright

Baseball Highlight Sketches:

Matt Garza
Jason Heyward
Dallas Braden

SP Borders (not sure of the real name for them)

Troy Tulowitzki
David Wright

Framed Relics:

Derek Jeter (with pinstripe)
Marc Forgione
Johnny Damon

All of them are available. PM me if intrested. They will be on the bay tonight. Thanks for reading, hope to get scans up later.
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