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Still working on the packs but so far 10 packs has yielded me some terrible high round rookies and these, one of them is a real gem making this box worthwhile for the $65 price:
[Image: photo-6.jpg]
Alex Bannister Rookie Auto /230

[Image: photo-7.jpg]
Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer /230

[Image: photo-7.jpg]
2001 R&S Dress For Success Dual GU Peyton Manning

I have also pulled these rookies (so far)
192 Marlon McCree Kentucky/Jags
182 John Howell Colorado State/Bucs
163 Fred Wakefield Illinois/Cards
158 Southern Miss/Giants
139 Marcellus Rivers OSU/Giants
122 Rodney Bailey Steelers/OSU

I will update shortly
Scrub rookie pull alert: 163 Fred Wakefield Illinois
Nice Manning
(07-21-2011 07:13 PM)coachlew10 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Manning

Nice Seahawk you mean haha
(07-21-2011 07:14 PM)aviat0rshades Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Seahawk you mean haha

Haha, when i add the Seahawk to my org, i will hit you up, its pack fresh and flawless.

Coachlew: Thanks man, its one of his earliest GU, pretty high BV.
299 Dominik Rhodes Midwestern Texas State/Colts
Pulled another auto, Jessie Palmer. Im pretty shocked at three hits, 2 of them autos in this 2001 product when the box says "One memorabilia or auto card in every box"
Might have been a resealed box from a card dealer...
the manning is pretty cool
Nice manning
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